Alto Monferrato


Country house


300 sqm



It all started with a pile of stones

7 years ago I was driving down one of the usual roads from my own house. I believe I must have done the same drive at least 500 times. This particular morning my eyes suddenly spotted a pile of stones among some trees high up on the other side of the valley. I stopped the car and took out a set of binoculars. Was it an old “rustico” or was it simply just my imagination? I could not tell, so I decided to go back to my house and get my old Fiat Panda 4×4 as I knew it was gonna require a special car to get close to the location. My business partner Santino joined me and together we went out to take a closer look and we were happy to discover that it was infact the remains of an old stone house. 1 year later, after a long and sometimes tedious dialoque with the commune of Bistagno we were trilled to have not only a building permission but also a permission to build in a different and better position. 6 months later, the current owners bought the project and we started the building work in the beginning of 2013 and the house and garden was completely finished in 2015. The exterior of the house resembles an old stone house, whereas the interior is a mix of old traditional materials and new modern bathroom and kitchen facilities. The result is stunning and the house/location has an incredible charm.