Me standing in the entrance of the old church on the day we discovered the beautiful old tiles

EMBARK ON A REMARKABLE JOURNEY – converting a small church to a unique romantic house

Imagine the charm of owning a small abandoned church in one of the most breathtaking locations in the area. These hidden gems have always captivated my imagination, stirring dreams of their incredible potential. Countless times, I found myself gazing at these churches from afar, envisioning the extraordinary transformations they could undergo if given the chance.

In 2021, that long-awaited opportunity finally materialized. We successfully acquired a privately owned church or chapel near Cossano Belbo, sparking excitement and anticipation. Uncertain of whether we could obtain the necessary permissions to expand, renovate, and transform it into a residential haven, we recognized the risk but also recognized the unparalleled uniqueness of the venture.

Obtaining the required permissions proved to be a more challenging endeavor than anticipated. We discovered that influential individuals in the commune (details best left unmentioned) had a personal stake in the project, deliberately obstructing our path and hoping we would relinquish our dream, leading to a potential resale. However, perseverance is our strength, and surrender is never an option. With infinite patience, a virtue that yields great rewards in Italy, we pressed forward undeterred.

In May 2023, the eagerly awaited renovation commenced, marking the beginning of an extraordinary transformation. We anticipate the project’s completion by May/June 2024, a labor of love meticulously documented for you to follow its progress here, step by captivating step.

Witness the metamorphosis of this small church into a one-of-a-kind romantic residence, where history and modernity merge seamlessly. Experience the joy of witnessing a dream materialize, as centuries-old architectural wonders blend harmoniously with contemporary comforts. Immerse yourself in the unfolding tale of this remarkable endeavor, where every detail is carefully crafted to create an enchanting sanctuary.

Stay tuned as we share the triumphs and challenges, the triumph of perseverance, and the beauty that emerges from the passion for restoration. Join us on this extraordinary journey and witness the birth of an extraordinary home.

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