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About jesper Remo


I am a former professional soccer player, playing for some of the biggest Danish clubs like FCK Copenhagen, Elsinore, Broenshoej and HIK. I also played in Australia where I won the double with Adelaide City Juventus. After my career as a soccer player I established an advertising agency in Denmark within trade marketing and promotion.

I sold my agency in 2006 and decided to move to Australia with my family. We moved back to Europe in October 2008 to settle in Piedmont. I have travelled extensively throughout Italy over the past 20 years, of which the last 14 years mainly in Piedmont. I have bought and renovated several properties in the area. I handle the initial search process and provide creative guidance in relation to the renovation of the property. I can also prepare a detailed description of the renovation and I can also survey the building work as it progresses. However, this is an extra cost and is not included in my normal fee.

When I am not in Piedmont, I look after my Italian wine bar in Copenhagen. It is called Beviamo, which in Italian “lets drink”. If you are ever in Copenhagen, please let me know and we can meet over a nice glass of wine.



Compared to other established agencies in the area, we charge only a small fee for our services. The initial search process is of course free of charge, but when we have found your dream house we will charge you a fixed fee of 10.000 euro. This includes assisting you in getting an Italian fiscal code, opening up a bank account, drawing up the preliminary contract in English and Italian, assisting you at the notary’s office, introducing you to a local Geometre (architect), help in designing your house, introducing you to local builders etc. etc. etc.

Should you also require our help and support when the actual building work starts, we will then work out a fixed price based on the services you require. This way we avoid any misunderstandings.



Many people dream about buying a vineyard or a small romantic stone built house in Italy, but very few actually realize their dreams.

There are many reasons to this, but in most cases it has to do with one or several of these factors:

1. How do you find the right house situated the right place and at the right price?
2. Only very few speak the local language at a level that makes them confident enough to engage in actual real estate negotiations.
3. Legislation and juridical procedures in general can seem complicated and very different from that of their own country.
4. The whole buying procedure is different and can be difficult to see through and figure out.
5. Financing – where can you get it, what percentage can be financed and how does it work?
6. Often you buy a ruin – a pile of stones, and how do you tackle building approvals with local authorities, building contractors and local construction workers etc.

As menthioned there can be many reasons, but we know that the above are amongst the most common to make people give up during the process. Our setup is designed to help people through these processes in a smooth and reassuring way.

Based on the information we get from you, we use a lot of time and efforts to find exactly the right house for you – without any upfront costs to you.

It takes around 2 – 4 months to settle a real estate deal in Italy and we will take you through the process step by step without any problem. You don’t need to worry about anything.

We have a very good relationship with a number of local banks and can offer you financing of up to 50% of the total project costs. Typically at the same intrest rate as in the rest of Europe and for periods of 10, 20 and 30 years.

We have a team of loyal local construction workers we always use. The best in the area and most importantly; they can be trusted.

Buying real estate through us will make you confident through the entire process. And fully satisfied with the end result. Your dream house…



We handle property of all types, especially old stone-built houses, for which the region is so famous. We take great care to find the most attractive properties.

Our emphasis is on finding unusual and special places that our experience tells us are most attractive to our clients, with wonderful views, lots of privacy and above all the potential to fulfil your Italian dream.



Having found your ideal property, we consider it our duty to make the purchase process as easy and as unbureaucratic for you as possible.

We ensure that properties are free of mortgages and other legal charges, that written waivers are received from those who may possess agrarian rights to ‘first refusal’, we provide documentation translated into English, we ensure that your liabilities for Stamp Duty and Land Registry fees are reduced to the full extent allowed by law, we organise the services of the public notary, who is required to draw up the final bill of sale, and we generally handle the various technicalities involved to ensure that your purchase runs smoothly from start to finish.



We understand that most buyers will want to renovate or redecorate their new home.

Having restored old farmhouses ourselves, we are happy to give advice and to help you to find architects, builders, surveyors and skilled craftsmen at very competitive rates.

We can also assist in finding schools, legal advice, banking services (accounts and loans), as well as give valuable practical tips on shopping, restaurants, medical services, etc.

Furthermore, we can help you with the general maintenance of your garden & pool, cleaning of your house, shopping, transport or whatever you may need. We are always here to help you.



Italian culture, Italian history, Italian style, Italian cuisine, Italian sunshine, La Dolce Vita – the appeal of Italy is timeless and enduring.

If your goals combine European levels of safety and security with an unrivalled quality of life, there is no better choice.



Experienced observers of the Italian scene know the value of good roads and communications, understand the significance of accessible electricity cables and plentiful water supplies, and appreciate being near to towns in which you can still park a car, or book a restaurant, during the summer months. But there is much more to Southern Piedmont than this. The outstanding scenic beauty of the area often surprises the first-time visitor. The climate, too, is a delight – long, hot summers are followed by short, cool winters. In addition, the region boasts the finest wines in Italy.

Some experts reckon that Barolo and Barbera are two of the finest wines in the world. It is therefore remarkable that the area is so little known outside Italy.

The fact that it is relatively undiscovered can be attributed partly to the vagaries of fashion, and partly, perhaps, to the connoisseurs who want to keep it to themselves.

Whatever the reason, properties in the region are priced very competitively, especially by international standards.

And there are hardly any turists!


The houses you find on my website are only a small sample of the many houses I can provide. Through my extensive local network I am able quickly to find exactly the house that fulfils your dreams and needs. So the more you can tell me, the easier it will be for me to find the property of your dreams.
Please don’t hesitate to call me.

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